Connect with a Ministry

  • We know that our families have vibrant, busy lives, but we also yearn to be connected with one another.  Our church family events are inclusive of all ages and stages of life -- whatever your family looks like -- an individual, a couple or something larger.  Together, we are one BIG family!

  • There isn't anything like the energy that children bring to a church, and St. John is very deliberate about creating learning and growing opportunities for children of all ages.  St. John is a congregation that welcomes children in worship, even if they make a little noise!  From preschool up through middle school, you will find wonderful options for your children!

  • The years from 7th - 12th grade can be some of the most unsettled and anxious times in a person's life. At St. John, we are deliberate in working with the youth to develop solid relationships with God, mentors, and friends as we walk together through these years.  We work to offer a variety of opportunities for spiritual study in large group, small group, Bible and book study formats, as well as socially-based activities designed to help strengthen and develop healthy friendships as the youth grow in their faith. 

  • Both directly in the St. John community, as well as through our partnership with ThreeHouse, there are plenty of opportunities to start putting faith into action for young adults.  St. John also relies on the young adults of our community to help teach and lead in the Jr. High and High School ministries, helping to bridge the transition into adulthood.  Mission trips, service projects, and special worship opportunities at ThreeHouse are all hallmarks of the Young Adult ministry at St. John.

  • St. John offers a variety of ministries for adults of all ages.  Bible studies, service projects, social outings, and educational opportunities are all designed to help adults to live in community with one another.  We believe that by sharing our gifts for ministry, we can grow in our faith and continue to work towards becoming the disciples God calls us to be.