Due to COVID-19, St. John currently is holding one service on Sunday morning at 9am.  This socially-distanced service may include communion through individual pre-packaged wafer/juice cups picked up by households prior to the start of the service from tables set up in the atrium.  Worshipers are asked to wear a mask and remain 6-feet from others not a part of the household.  The service is livestreamed on Facebook for those wishing to worship from home and following the service conclusion, uploaded to the church website for viewing. In addition, that service is broadcast on CFU Channel 18 on Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 1pm (preceding week's service).

Prior to COVID:

St. John offers two services each weekend, each with a distinct worship experience.  The message is the same at both, but there are different traditions and liturgy followed at each.  While St. John worships out of gratitude and joy - giving thanks and offering prayers - we also look at worship as equipping us to do the work of the church as we are sent out into the world!

  • 8:00am  Sunday

    Worship Space: Sanctuary

    Communion: Weekly, by individual cups, common cup is available. Gluten free wafers available as well.

    Music: Organ, Piano accompaniment, Traditional Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymns sung. Chancel choir and Bells at some services.

    Service: Traditional ELW order of service, Pastors wear vestments.

  • 9:30AM Sunday

    Worship Space: Faith & Life Center

    Communion: Weekly, by intinction (dipped in common cup). Gluten free wafers and individual cups available as well.

    Music: Band, range of classic and modern worship music. Chancel choir and Bells at some services.

    Service: Contemporary order of service using traditional elements, Pastors do not wear vestments.