Our Mission

In May 2019, the Transition Task Force (empowered by Council and the Congregation as part of our preparation work during a Senior Pastor search) completed their work. Their recommendations, which were approved by the Church Council, included

  • introduction of a new purpose and mission statement;
  • a new organizational chart with the creation of four ministry teams and four resource teams;
  • a change in staff structure as we shift into a congregation-led model with oversight from the eight new teams (with staff participation and support).

The new organizational plan shows the interconnectedness we have with one another and the role we all play of Connecting, Caring, Sharing and Growing as a servant congregation.

A Rich History . . . 

St. John Lutheran Church has served the people of Cedar Falls since 1867. Started by a determined cobbler who believed that God’s Word and the Holy Sacraments were needed in the small community, we still seek to live out the same goal of “inviting and equipping people of all ages to be and become disciples of Jesus Christ” that influenced Mr. G. Boehlmer.

St. John has undergone numerous changes in the years since. These include three church names and buildings, switching from German preaching to English, multiple building programs, and size, having been a small and medium sized church over the years. The addition of a preschool in 1976, and more recently a childcare program, have only grown and strengthened our commitment to support families in the Cedar Valley.

In 2017, we celebrated our 150th anniversary with a year-long celebration, culminating in a church-wide worship service and meal. As part of the celebration, new paraments for both worship spaces and a new altar for the Faith & Life Center were commissioned.

Part of our rich history has been in supporting Lutheran Campus Ministry near UNI. This partnership continues today as we work together with ThreeHouse in providing opportunities for young adults.

Engaged both in the larger world and in the nearby community, St. John has a true legacy of generous serving.

Our roots are in the Northeastern Iowa Synod. We are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).

We give thanks for those who've gone before us, and for the groundwork of faith they built. But more importantly, we look forward to the future to which God calls us, and in “joyfully taking God's love into the world.”