October 6, 2019 update

Six pastors notified the Synod that they were interested in St. John. The Call Committee reviewed those applications and interviewed three candidates, two of whom will be interviewed a second time. All nominations by the congregation have been submitted to the Synod, who will notify the Call Committee if any of the nominees want to pursue a call at St. John.

Thank you for continuing to keep the Call Process, the Call Committee, and all Pastors seeking a call, discerning a call, and affirming a call in your prayers!


July 14, 2019 update

The Call Committee has been working hard since our commissioning, meeting weekly. We have been prayerfully working through the first of the 4 phases of the call process. We are currently in the learning and development period. This is the time where we have reviewed and studied the Transitional Task Force Report. We have heard what you as a congregation would like to see in the future of St. John, and have been taking that information to complete the Ministry Site Profile, MSP. This is the document that is submitted to the synod and what candidates will read about St. John. The MSP will be the first glimpse of us to the candidates.

Once the first phase is complete we will then enter the 2nd phase, which is the search period. This is when we begin to get a pool of candidates to go through and narrow down. Please understand this is a process, we are prayerfully working through the process of taking our time to make sure that we have found a candidate that is passionate about the direction we chose with the TTF.

We are working quickly through a long process, please be mindful that this will take time, months to find the candidate that God has picked for us as a congregation.

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers during this time, and ask that you continue to pray during this period. If you have questions, please ask any member of the Call Committee. Thank you!

Entering the Call Process

God has called us to a new time in our life as St. John Lutheran Church. It is a time for reflection and prayer, a time for self-examination and seeking, a time for expectation and hope. The following persons have been selected by the Church Council to serve on the Call Committee and were commissioned as part of the June 9 worship service:

Call Committee Voting Members: Erin McClellan- Facilitator of the Committee; Logan Burke; Barb Walker; Bekah Bass; Sandy Andorf; Sandra Stavnes; Lori Schneider; Beth Bobeldyk; Adam Puls

Call Committee Ex-Officio Members: Robin Abraham; Brian Burkhardt; Joyce Broell - Recording Secretary

Please keep them in your prayers as they begin this important work.