Prayer Shawls

The Prayer Shawl Ministry has been active at St. John since the spring of 2002.  A simple suggestion by a member planted the ministry at St. John with unbelievable results.  Within the first six months over 30 shawls had been delivered to members or friends of the congregation.  Years later, prayer shawls from SJLC have brought prayers of peace, comfort and hope to individuals around the world.

Who Are The Shawls For?
There are no set guidelines for receiving a prayer shawl from the church.  Often times the staff hears of someone with a particular need and sees that they get one.  Sometimes a family member will ask if their loved one could have one or one is taken to give to a friend.  Some have gone to adults and some have gone to children.  Anyone who is in need of prayer, hope, comfort and love of a community may have a shawl.
How The Shawls Are Made
The shawl envelopes the recipient in warmth and prayers from the community of St. John.  As the craftsperson creates the shawl the prayer of healing is prayed so that the prayer is literally woven into the yarn.  When the shawl is delivered, a card with the same prayer is delivered and read aloud to the recipient.  

A limited supply of yarn is available at St. John. If you are interested in supporting this ministry, but don’t knit or crochet, you may give a monetary donation that will be put toward the purchase of more yarn.   If you would like to make a shawl, but don’t know how to knit or crochet, give the church a call and we will try to connect you with someone who can teach you! 

If you are aware of someone you feel could benefit from the warmth and prayers that come with a shawl, please help yourself to those displayed on the rack in the St. John atrium.