Some Questions You May Have

What are your worship services like?

  • We offer three very different worship experiences. We know not everyone is looking for the same thing.  Come and check out any of our services.  If one isn't your style, try another.   Click on the worship tab to learn more about each service.
  • Dress however you're comfortable for any of our services.  
  • When we serve communion, anyone who believes in Jesus is welcome. Gluten free hosts are available as is grape juice instead of wine.

What do you have for my kids?

  • We have a wide array of ministries for kids and youth on Sundays and during the week.
  • Sunday School is offered on Sunday mornings for age 3 through grade 6.  Children 3 & 4 years old spend the entire 9:30 hour in their classroom.  Children K - 6th grade begin in worship with their family and head to the Sunday School rooms after the Children's Message.
  • Nursery is available on Sundays for kids up through age 3
  • Check out everything we offer under the Connect tab

What's the best way to get involved?

  • Worship regularly
  • Pick a service and make it your home. Introduce yourself and meet others as you're comfortable.
  • Find a ministry or group
    There are various small groups, classes and ministries that meet on a regular basis. Grow in faith and connect with others. If you still need help finding something for you after checking out our website, email us.
  • Serve somewhere
    If you want to jump in and begin serving, we have many ways to do that.  
    Check out our serve tab and explore ways to serve and fill out the online form to begin serving.

Map and Directions
If you need to now how to get here or where to go once you are here, click here.

Mission, Vision and Values
St John Church has been very deliberate about making sure that what we are called to do by God is what we are actually doing. To this end, the leadership at St John tackled the question "Why are we here, and what are we to be about as a congregation?" Out of that 18 month process of conversation and discernment, the congregation developed our mission and vision, not to be posted, but to be lived. Click here to read about what we feel God calls us to do.

History of St. John
St John Church has been serving Cedar Falls since 1867, click here to learn more about our history.

The Larger Church

St. John is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, created in 1988 when three Lutheran churches merged into one.  We trace our roots back through the mid-17th century, when early Lutherans came to America from Europe, settling in the Virgin Islands and the area that is now known as New York. Even before that, Martin Luther sought reform for the church in the 16th century, laying the framework for our beliefs.