SJLC Annual Meeting Agenda

Annual Meeting (Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 10:30 AM)

Annual Meeting Agenda
April 23,2017  10:30 AM
Faith and Life Center


1.                   Call to Order and Prayer
2.                  Introductions and orientation
3.                   Adoption of agenda
4.                  Adoption of Minutes from 2016 Annual Meeting
5.                   Elections
6.                  Business
7.                   Financial

a.       General Finances

  i.                        2016-2017 General Finance Report
ii.                        Presentation of 2017-2018 Budget
iii.                        Motion to adopt 2017-2018 Budget

 b.      St John Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund
  i.                         Report of the Endowment Committee
  ii.                         Distribution Recommendation for 2017

iii.                         Motion to adopt 2017 distribution recommendation

8.                  Report of the Elections by Nominating Committee
9.                  Adjournment and Closing Prayer