My Church . . . My Family

No one is ever too young or too old to discover the love of God.  That's what life at St. John is about.  It's seeing St. John as more than just the church you "go" to but the church family you BELONG to! It's about people who care for each other, worship together, share challenges and look for answers in God's word. it's a community to celebrate with and to grieve with, where people are concerned for your well-being and help lift you up when you need it.  We are a family - it's who we are!

We are St. John!

We know that our families have vibrant, busy lives - but we also yearn to be connected with one another.  Our church family events are inclusive of all ages and stages of life - whatever your family looks like - an individual, a couple or something larger.  Together, we are one BIG family!

LENT (FEB/MARCH): Kid’s Lent Activities (Wednesdays)

Each Wednesday during Lent, we gather as a family to eat a meal from 5:00-6:00 followed by a worship service at 6pm for the adults and activities for the kids. 

APRIL 22 + Youth-Led Worship Service! 
8:30-11 Cinnamon Roll Fundraiser 
9:30 Children and Youth-Led Worship Service!